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Being in business can be tough.  You can have the best product or service in the world and some days it probably feels like your message is falling on deaf ears.  You might make call after call and visit office after office only to face rejection.  Why can’t they see how your offering can help their business?

Visualize the idea that you didn’t have to “sell” anything.  I would like you to paint yourself a picture where prospects are chasing you.  No longer will you cry out in pain after being rejected by a prospect.  You will be so busy with eager and motivated prospects that the word “rejection” will cease to exist .

This isn’t a fantasy.  It’s the reality for those who understand marketing.  Don’t give me static that this is going to be some pitch about advertising like launching billboards or commercials.  Advertising is expensive but Marketing is where you can see results!  More importantly you better be able to see results fast because there is no time to waste.

Here at Todd Bates Systems you will find strategies and methods that you can apply directly to your business.  In any of the products and free courses here I will reveal to you the tactics that I have discovered after helping over 15,000 business owners and sales professionals.

In my Marketing Manifesto, you will discover “dirty little secrets” of marketing like:

  • Why it’s foolish to spend time developing a slogan or motto when a marketing message is the real key to massive sales
  • How budgeting for your “advertising” (which practically all business coaches teach) is killing your business and stripping away most of your sales
  • Why knowledge and experience are NOT important to generating massive sales (did you know most business that last over 10 years experienced their largest growth in their first 5 years in business?)

Whether you just want to get out of your sales slump or just hit the goals you have always known you were capable of, I invite you to take the next step in growing your business and take advantage of my FREE Marketing Manifesto.

The tactics that I share in my marketing manifesto can’t be found in another book or even in a seminar that you have recently attended.  These are core strategies designed to be applied immediately to your business.

To your success,

Todd Bates Business and Marketing Coach

Todd Bates

National Speaker and Marketing Coach

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