REO System

Getting an REO account is possible when you have the right system. Here we cover everything from your initial approach, to what you need to send to the asset managers to get their attention.

Don’t skip any steps! Listen to the training calls before taking any action to achieve maximum success. We have included a list of the banks to where you can apply as well, but take action on those after you have gone through the complete system.

There are a total of 5 training calls listed below. You can go through them either 1 call per day (recommended) or as quickly as you wish.

We highly recommend that you download the calls (MP3 files) and burn them to your own CD’s.

To do this, simply click on the call link below – it will then take you to a new page – on that page, you must “Right Click” with your mouse on the “Download MP3″ link and choose “Save Target As” – and then you can decide where to save the MP3 file on your own computer.

  • Training Call 1 - The REO Marketing Mastery Mindset
    • Recording & MP3 Download Now Available
  • Training Call 2 - The REO Application Process
    • Recording & MP3 Download Now Available
  • Training Call 3 - The REO Marketing Package & Presentation Materials
    • Recording & MP3 Download Now Available
  • Training Call 4 - The Asset Manager Qualification Campaign
    • Recording & MP3 Download Now Available
  • Training Call 5 - The 25 Most Common Questions & Answers
    • Recording & MP3 Download Now Available

Additional Resources

Asset Manager Letters

Asset managers are flooded with information. These letters will enable you to stand out from the crowd by offering the asset manager your powerful marketing message. Take the big leap and send these out to asset managers who are flooded with bad agents and need to get help from a true professional.

REO Listing Package

This is your specialized pre-listing packet for the Asset Manager. It gets them the information they need and empowers them to enlist you to alleviate their pains.

Qualify the Asset Manager

Download the following qualification sheet so you can have the questions to ask the asset manager to ensure you are prepared on how to follow up properly and meet the demands of each asset manager you speak with.

REO/BPO Registration

Most agents register with just 1-2 banks and hope that they will get listings. With the number of agents applying to work with REO’s you need to give yourself the most opportunity by applying to each bank on this list.

To Your Success,

Todd Bates Business and Marketing Coach